Early learning in Royal Brains Kinderstart provides a building block to a better future. Children learn early literacy and numeracy concepts and develop communication skills to help their reading and writing. They also learn life skills, Physical education, environmental, Art and Craft and Music.  Most importantly, the environment at RBK will help your child develop a love of learning, be better prepared to start school and make heaps of friends.

Children learn through play. In RBK your child will participate in play-based learning experiences designed to encourage their physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities.

Under the guidance and care of our qualified childhood teachers your child will:

  • Use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs
  • Make friends and learn how to cooperate with other children.
  • Become more independent and confident in their abilities.
  • Develop self-discipline
  • Use their creativity to express ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play
  • Identify, explore and solve problems.

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